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Flag Stomping

/ 2 min read

I was at the George Strait concert last night, and within easy view of me were not one but two young men who had on the back of their t-shirts an American flag with the words “Stomp this flag and I’ll stomp your ass!” on them. Now, this isn’t really a surprise at a George Strait concert (not a comment at all about George Strait himself, who is, from all accounts, a fine person. And it was a terrific concert…), but it did get me thinking.

First, I’m 100% sure that no one wants to stomp on a flag emblazoned across the back of another person’s t-shirt. So the challenge doens’t make sense to me. Whatever.

Flag stomping t-shirt

But second, while I guess I pretty much get the sentiment of the shirt, I myself would want a shirt that said

”While I would prefer you not stomp on this particular flag, or any flag for that matter, as an American, I fully support your right to stomp on your own flag. After all, it’s a free country.”

I searched the internet, and I couldn’t find a shirt that said that.