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So, the purpose of this page is to provide you with a few ways that you can support me, or otherwise provide me with a little extra cabbage, if you are so inclined. Most of these suggestions here will cost you nothing extra on top of what you are already doing. And of course, I’m grateful for anything you can do here. Everything I do here is free, so if you feel the urge to give back in this direction a little, I’m very appreciative.


I have put this first, because not only can we each make $5 if you sign up and use the service, I also am a truly strong believer that everyone should be using this for almost every online subscription you have.

Privacy is a virtual credit card service and is completely free. You can create all the virtual credit cards you want and set limits (monthly, yearly, one-time use…) on how the card can be used. The cards draw right from your bank account. Simple use case — you can create a “Netflix” card that has a monthly limit of exactly what your Netflix subscription costs. That card is locked for use with Netflix, and can’t be charged more than what you say.

This is useful, as you can see. You can also create “throw-away” cards that can’t be charged at all for those times when something you want to sign up for requires a card for some silly reason. You can cancel the card anytime you want for those times that some subscription makes it harder than average to stop.

The benefits are many, the cost is absolutely free, and if you sign up with this link we each get $5 when you actually use the service.

Again, this is a strong recommendation/endorsement to use Privacy. You’ll be very happy. I have a card for every online subscription I have, and am constantly finding interesting uses for it.


This is totally free, but it would be great if you subscribed to my Substack Newsletter. I keep track of the things that pop into my head — some are insightful, some are strange, and some are funny (I hope) — and when I gather up ten thoughts, I publish. I think it is worth it.

Another thing you can do is tell a few friends about it. Things That Occur to Me


I do some writing on Medium, which I’d be delighted for you to read and subscribe to. But even better, if you use this link to subscribe to Medium (something I strongly recommend, as the bang for the buck is really high), then I make a chunk of that money each month, and I’d be grateful.


If you use this link to make a purchase from Amazon, I get a small payment based on your purchase. It costs you nothing. All you have to do is click through here and make your purchases as normal. Nothing to it.


This is a rank request for cash, but hey, maybe you are inclined.