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My Top Ten Favorite Things in Sports

/ 1 min read

  1. The bat flip. The more arrogant and dramatic the better.
  2. Soccer players ripping off their shirts after a goal.
  3. Outfielder throwing out a guy at the plate.
  4. Any kind of sudden death victory, especially hockey.
  5. The high-off-the-glass layup over a shot blocker’s extended arm. (I’m looking at you, Steph Curry ..)
  6. Anytime an athlete guts out an injury when their team is depending on them. (I’m looking at you Kerry Strugg…)
  7. A huge underdog pulling out a dramatic victory. (Think 1980 USA Olympic Hockey team…)
  8. A running back blasting through a would-be tackler. (I’m looking at you Earl Campbell…)
  9. Passing the puck to your teammate on a empty net, 2-on-0 fast break in hockey.
  10. A come from behind, 0.01 second win on the track.