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Four Thoughts on Memorial Day

/ 2 min read

Here in the US, Memorial Day is the last Monday in May. Memorial Day is “a day of reflection and remembrance of those who died while serving in the U.S. military”

Here are four thoughts that I have for your consideration:

  1. I find the phrase “Happy Memorial Day” a bit off putting. I get why people say it, but it’s not a happy day for me. For me, it’s a day to remember friends that passed in service to our country and the many whom I don’t know who did the same. I don’t view it as something to be happy about, but rather a time to feel grateful and solemn.
  2. I am always grateful to folks that thank me for my humble service — it was my honor to do so — but this weekend is not,in my view, the weekend to thank veterans. I myself feel uncomfortable when people thank me on Memorial Day, because while I did serve, my sacrifices were, well, very minor, relatively speaking.
  3. To me, Memorial Day is about being thankful and about remembering. It’s a day to go to memorials and give thanks. To lay a wreath. To stand quietly in gratefulness. And then to have a great day being happy that we live in a free country because of the gift given to us by the fallen.
  4. Finally, Memorial is decidedly not, in my view, a day for blowing off fireworks.

And finally, I’d ask that you remember that what we have here in the free world is quite fragile, and that many would take it from us if they could. They haven’t yet because many gave their lives. I hope we all spend the day appreciating that, each other, and what we have here in this great country.