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About The Tech Behind This Site

Change Log

For a long time, I used WordPress for my websites. It was easy and did everything I wanted and more. But finally, the “more” part got to be too much, and I realized I wanted to both make things simpler, and so I finally decided that I wanted to build my own site.

I had been learning Angular for a long time, even giving day long seminars on it at the Codecamp. But for reasons I don’t totally understand, I started looking at React, and realized that I liked it about ten times more than Angular. I started with Angular because it was the only framework that supported Typescript at the time, but of course, now React totally does, and so it seemed like a no-brainer.

And then from there I discovered Astro, and loved it. You get the best of a server-side rendering platform, with all the power of web components from React (or other frameworks, if you so choose…)

So I started building my own blog application from scratch, but it was taking a lot more time and effort than I wanted it to. So instead, I looked around for an existing, basic project that I could use as a starting point. I finally landed on this project.

So this site uses that repository as a base, and I’ve built from there. I intend to continuously improve what is here as I learn different things. I may even try to keep a changelog of what I do on the technical/development side here.