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A Short Bio of Nick

I’m Nick Hodges. I’m a Delphi developer, a columnist and writer, a friend, a Dad, a Grandfather, a former Naval Officer, and an aspiring web developer.

Despite having lived all over the world, I still consider myself a Minnesotan. I root for Minnesota sports teams, still, and I go back whenever I can. My Dad and brother still live there. As I like to brag every chance I get, my sister served as Mayor of Minneapolis. It’s a wonderful place.

I like to read books (well I listen in the car more than actually read these days..), hike, hang with friends, write in my journal, travel, and take long walks on the beach. (Okay, that last part is a joke…except it is true….)

I love fountain pens, a good solid journal to write in, basketball (particularly the NBA), Diet Coke, a good ribeye steak, minimalism, my Tesla, a nice pair of leather boots, jeans, polo shirts, a lively debate, and baby elephants.