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Here are some general points by way of a disclaimer for this site:

  1. This is my site, and I am 100% responsible for the content herein.
  2. I am going to express my opinion here.
  3. I might make claims about things I believe to be true without any substantiation whatsoever.
  4. I am fine with #3.
  5. If you have information to refute me, please feel free to contact me and correct me.
  6. I am very happy to be corrected and have no problem saying that I am wrong about factual matters if I am indeed wrong.
  7. I have some base principles that I hold very closely.
  8. My views and opinions are well thought out. I don’t publish anything here that I haven’t considered carefully.
  9. I’m willing to change my mind on almost anything, but you’ll need to make a compelling argument for that to happen.
  10. I try to have strong opinions loosely held.