Change Log for this Site

This is the change log for my site. I won't be putting updates to content here, but only updates to the code and other technical things about the site.

August 14, 2023Added Support pageThis page lists a few ways to support me or otherwise give a little back to what I'm up to here.
July 31, 2023Added a footer to the layoutJust a simple copyright message for now. I'd like to make it sticky at the bottom eventually.
July 18, 2023Converted the Favorite page to be JSON-based
July 18, 2023Converted this changelog to be JSON-basedMuch easier to manage the data. Should think in terms of JSON more.
July 14, 2023Now you can list and link to all blog categoriesYep, works for categories. Thank you again, ChatGPT.
July 8, 2023Added pagination to blogDon't have a lot of posts yet, but it works. Thank you ChatGPT.
July 5, 2023Added ability to serve pages from the /info directoryNow I can create pages without having to create NextPage objects in *.tsx files...
July 3, 2023Added support for DOMPurifyNot strictly needed because there is no user input, but a good habit to have.
June 25, 2023Added non-published blog entriesAllows me to add pages via markdown, and not a component
June 23, 2023Added (Quotes)[Quotes] pageThis is a JSON-based page. To add a quote, I just add it to the JSON file. Cool. ChatGPT 4.0 wrote most of the code for me.
June 4, 2023Added this change log
May 20, 2023Added FavIconsCreated the FavIcons at the [Real Favicon Generator](https://realfavicongenerator.net/)
Early April 2023Site debutShipped the very beginning stages. Much to come!

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