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Flotsam and Jetsam #76

By Nick at January 26, 2013 04:11
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  • There are a lot of cool things that an IDE could do, but it’s getting to the point where my one top feature for the IDE is the automatic addition of interface methods.  If I declare a class that implements a given interface, the IDE should automatically fill those in for me.  That would be really sweet.  This feature is in third place in the IDE section of Delphi’s User Voice page. Feel free to vote for it.
  • The fine folks at TMS Software are organizing a Delphi/TMS day in the Benelux region – if you are around you should go.  They  have early bird registration until 01 March 2013.
  • Embarcadero has announced the coming of Delphi for iOS.  I’m not an iOS guy – I’m waiting for the Android stuff.  I don’t have an Apple device at all, and you need one to develop on.  (There’s no iOS emulator or simulator for Windows – everything has to run on Apple hardware/software…) so it’s not of any use to me at the present.  However, I’ll be keeping a close eye on this, as I’ll be developing for Android as soon as I can with Delphi, and I suspect I’ll eventually be wanting the results of that to run on iOS as well.  After all, that is one of the promises of FireMonkey – to have a single codebase that runs on Windows, iOS, and Android.  In any event, no one can say that Delphi isn’t alive and kicking.  The new offering includes a Delphi compiler for ARM chips, which is pretty exciting if you’ve been wanting Delphi to branch out.  And the best part is you can get early access to the beta if you buy XE3.
  • Looks like David I has something up his sleeve this year on Delphi’s birthday
  • Delphi Developer Days is back this year – with two dates in Europe and just one in the US (Chicago).  Cary has all the details.  I’ve been to a couple of the events, and they are really fun and well worth the time.  If you can make it, I strongly recommend the event.  Dr. Bob is certainly a more than able replacement for Marco.  With no Delphi Live in the future, this is really the only US conference where Delphi folks can gather.  I’d like to see them add an East Coast date in the US.  Otherwise, I’ll try to get to the Chicago event. 

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1/26/2013 11:30:21 AM #

Greetings Nick,

I think we are going to have a little wait for Android development.

The Delphi Roadmap specifies Apple development by 2nd Quarter (which can be up to June 1).  And Android development is during the 'middle' of the year - which I take to mean 3rd Quarter - which goes up to September 1 - just weeks before a new version of Delphi arrives (Oct/Nov).

So ... I will be shocked (but very pleased) if Android arrives before Delphi XE4.


Keith United States |

1/26/2013 3:39:16 PM #

One useful tool for people wanting to dabble in Mac/iOS development without making a full Mac purchase is This is basically a virtual Mac rental service (or Mac in the cloud).  I haven't used their service (I own a Mac) but I do know that some indie game developers do.

Leonard United States |

1/26/2013 8:03:45 PM #

You should have a look at ModelMaker CodeExplorer. When you drag an interface onto a class it will automatically add the implementations for that interface.

Uwe Raabe Germany |

1/27/2013 1:15:14 AM #

Can't see that voting for a "Users' voice" enhancement that's now nearly 4 years old is really worth the while. It's painfully obvious that "new features to justify a new release" are eagerly sought and the reaction so far to the "what to do?" question has quite clearly been "fix the outstanding problems."

Having said that though, It should be a relatively easy mod to allow a keycombo which would cause the IDE to fill out some comments for the parameters to a method

So -

mymethod( + magic_key

would show

mymethod({paramname1:paramtype1} _,
         {paramname2:paramtype2}  ,
          = defaultvalue}

And that could even relieve your aversion to Boolean parameters...

Peter Wright Australia |

1/27/2013 6:23:21 AM #

There is no automatic way of adding interface methods - but there are a couple of shortcuts, which you can learn in this <a href="">video</a>;.

Alister Christie New Zealand |

1/27/2013 6:24:27 AM #

I guess <a> tags are not available - oh well.

Alister Christie New Zealand |

1/27/2013 3:11:38 PM #

>...the promises of FireMonkey – to have a single codebase that runs on Windows, iOS, and Android.  
>In any event, no one can say that Delphi isn’t alive and kicking.  The new offering includes a
>Delphi compiler for ARM chips,

Does that really mean alive and kicking though? One can already do this with C#, Python and even Delphi via Oxygene. That's more like needing to play catch-up to stay viable. :-( Heck, people were running bare-metal code via Free Pascal on Nokia's Linux-based N900 in 2010. Meanwhile, they can't get into the Windows Store today with Delphi, and if rumors are true there will be a Windows update coming this summer to help converge the desktop and Windows Phone that will introduce a new SDK and developers will have to target the new SDK. Apps for this SDK will have to run on desktop, phone and tablet or not be allowed in the Microsoft App Store according to two different sources so far. If that's the case, that might mean we'll get Win8 support just in time to need Win 8.5 support :-( and I don't know what it'll mean if Delphi can't run on Windows Phone at that time.

Nick, regarding these Developers Days, the article says "Seating is limited to 42 attendees in each city. These limits ensure that attendees get an opportunity to interact with me and Bob, as well as network with each other. However, we sold out a number of cities last year, and anticipate that this will happen again this year." I'd asked someone at Embarcadero the other day about any conferences in the U.S. and this sounds more like a training session than a real conference. Am I understanding you correctly in that there's no *real* Delphi conferences lined up anywhere in America this year??? :-( :-( :-( 300 million people and not one conference? I'm not trying to be all negative here, but I'm coming away from your post depressed rather than energized. If there's no more Delphi conferences, that's not alive and kicking. That's more like rigor mortis setting in. :-( At the very least, David I. could throw a pool party at his house or something....

....What about something less formal? Maybe meet-ups? I know when OpenSUSE releases a new distro, they have people sign up for hosting pizza parties and share the locations on a map, and then people can find the nearest event and sign up to attend, or if there aren't any, host their own. This could be at a home or a restaurant or bar meet-up, etc. For those who are really far-flung they even set up a space on Second Life with a virtual pizza party. Smile Maybe there's an idea in there about how to get people together.....

Joseph United States |

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