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Flotsam and Jetsam #70

By Nick at November 23, 2012 21:16
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  • Looks like Bjarne Stroustrup himself will be part of the C++ portion of CodeRage7.  That's quite a coup.
  • LeanTed now has its own URL:
  • Anyone out there know about TSynEdit?  Which is the "one true version" that I should be using?  I'm using this one: but it seems like there are/might be other better/different versions out there.  Anyone have any advice or thoughts on the matter? Also, anyone know about what encoding it uses?  Can I change/set it? I confess I can't seem to figure that out....
  • Delphi is really popular in Brazil, and Roberto Schneiders is a new blogger from that lovely country.  He's written his first post about DataSnap.  Nice.
  • Cloud storage certainly is all the rage. As far as I can tell, I have storage in the following places: DropBox, BitCasa, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Asus Cloud Storage, and Amazon.  And probably some others I can't even remember.  Here's a business idea that I'm sure has already been done because I just thought of it:  Create an app that aggregates all those different chunks of space into a single drive.  That would be cool.
  • Everyone seems worried about Best Buy -- apparently they are all doomed and everything in the face of Amazon -- but I can tell you they didn't look doomed last night at midnight.  I was awake and decided to attend their Black Friday event at my local store, which started at midnight. (I had not intention of, and did not, buy anything...) The place was an absolute mad-house.  There was a *huge* line to get in when I arrive right at 12:00a, and they had a large maze set up in the store to keep people moving in the same direction.  I didn't notice any outrageous deals, but I can tell you that a lot of merchandise was available and a lot of it went out the door.  Plus it was fun -- great people watching.

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11/23/2012 10:05:19 PM #

I think that the SynEdit SVN is pretty much the "One True Version" right now -- it's been getting some commits over the course of the past year or so, and Eric Grange gave it some love late last year (  Letterpress seems to have fallen off the internet.

Anthony Frazier United States |

11/24/2012 6:06:01 AM #

But be aware to not download SynEdit from the "download" link on the "SynEdit Home Page" (Link posted above from Nick). You would get a really old "" file. (Seems to be from 2000).
You should instead go to the "SVN Interface" Link, then in the "SynEdit" subdirectory. There you can click on "Download GNU tarball". So you get the most recent source files.
Regards, Klaus

Klaus Germany |

11/24/2012 7:09:02 AM #

Cloud aggregators have, indeed, been thought of (Google cloud storage aggregator) and recently I read a blog about this one which brings together a bunch of services...none of them, apparently, do it all yet.

Doug Johnson United States |

11/24/2012 11:35:21 PM #

What do mean with SynEdit encoding? It's Unicode, encoding/decoding has to happen at the I/O as usual.
And yes, neither me nor others still "active" on SynEdit have the file release rights in the SF projects, so zip downloads are way outdated, and you should use SVN version.
I quoted active because changes are limited to fixes and minor optimizations these days, the most active SynEdit fork is the one for the Lazarus project, but it's targeted at the LCL and FreePascal, not Delphi and VCL. The Lazarus SynEdit also advanced quite a bit beyond the Delphi one.

Éric France |

11/25/2012 8:21:38 AM #

Eric --

re: Encoding

Ahh, got it, thanks.  I see how it works now.  Thank you.

And thanks for continuing to support the project at whatever level.


nick United States |

11/25/2012 10:13:25 AM #

I wrote a cloud aggregator (Globalview), but it is much more. You can merge folders with the same name in a virtual view ... Unfortunately it is not yet translated in English. I will do it soon. Before the end of this year.

Daniel Riera Belgium |

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