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Flotsam and Jetsam #27

By Nick at March 01, 2011 14:07
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  • Cary Jensen and Marco Cantu are getting ready to put on four of their Delphi Developer Days events.  I’ll be returning to my place of birth to speak at the one in the Baltimore.  I’ll be talking about Unit Testing with Delphi and DUnit.  I’m really looking forward to it, and if you are on the East Coast, I hope you can make it. Otherwise, I hope you can make it to another one of the three events. 
  • Blog of the Week:  If you guys aren’t reading The Delphi Hater’s Blog, then you are missing out.  This guy is a championship calibre ranter.  Great stuff.
  • Inspired by RADPlates, I’ve put my Live Templates Scripting Engine on BitBucket.  It is not real clean code right now – it allows you to insert the current date, time, and datetime into a script.  It includes example templates that replace “date” with the current date, for instance.  You can specify the Delphi formatting string for the date as well. (Same for ‘time’ and ‘datetime’).  I can see this being used for defining comments, TODO items, etc.  I think I’ll be turning my attention to this for a while now that THTMLWriter has reached a good stopping point.
  • As I’m sure you know, ChristChurch, New Zealand was recently hit with a devastating earthquake – much of the city has been destroyed.  There are a lot of developers in New Zealand – many of them Delphi developers – and they are banding together to help.  Dave Clegg is from New Zealand, and he’s posted about how you can do that – by buying a cool application! You can go to and purchase an app, and 100% of the proceeds will go to Earthquake relief.  Many of you were so generous after the Haitian Earthquake (that was a lot of fun for a good cause) and so I hope we can be equally as generous to the folks in New Zealand.
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