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Software Technology Leader

  • Extensive expertise in and passion for the software development process and the software development tool chain
  • Successful, proven track record of shipping customer-driven software solutions on time and on target
  • Experienced leader and manager, with the ability to lead teams of various sizes and to communicate up and down the organization.
  • Experienced speaker and communicator, able to articulate technical and business concepts to audiences at all sizes and levels.
  • Strong, proven ability to collate large amounts of information into executive level summaries
  • Consistent, superior performance under the pressures of forward deployed military operations

Professional Accomplishments

  • Product Manager and R&D Manager for four major releases of RAD Studio
  • Successfully lead numerous successful customer deployments as Chief Technology Officer of Lemanix Corporation, a Borland Solutions Partner
  • Highly motivated, self-taught software developer who readily learns new skills and technologies
  • Frequent speaker at worldwide industry events on topics such as web development, ASP.NET component development, and ASP.NET application development. Speaker ratings are continually among the highest.
  • Achieved rank of Lieutenant Commander two years ahead of normal promotion date
  • Entrusted with the nation’s most classified materials for more than twelve years

Professional Experience

2010 -- 2012 Gateway Ticketing Systems

Leading provider of ticketing, access control, and revenue management solutions

Product Development Manager

  • Responsible for all development, quality assurance, program management, and product communications

2006 – 2010: Borland/CodeGear/Embarcadero Technologies

Leading provider of software and database development tools

Delphi R&D Manager

  • Directly led and managed the work of thirteen highly skilled software developers
  • Managed entire development process from start to finish, including tracking requirements, bugs, administrative issues and integration
  • Communicated with customers via blogging, presentations, webinars, etc.

Delphi Product Manager

  • Responsible for feature set and roadmap for the Delphi development tool and language
  • Interfaced with customers to determine product definition
  • Presented product at multiple customer events and conferences world-wide

2005-2006: Dunn Solutions Group
Skokie, IL:   

Provider of premium software development professional services.

Consulting Manager, Minnesota Office

  • Manage office of three employees
  • Provide consulting services to local companies
  • Provided architectural and development consulting to Patterson Companies on a full time basis

2001-2005: Lemanix Corporation
Eagan, MN:     

Provider of premium software development professional services.

Chief Technology Officer

  • Co-founded corporation and grew revenues from $0 to $750,000 in three years with no outside financing.
  • Served as chief architect of software developed for key clients, including ING, St. Paul Police Department, and the State of Minnesota
  • Provided consistently highly rated Delphi training to numerous companies, including the Mayo Clinic, Sentry Insurance, and Guidant Corporation
  • Represented company in worldwide public speaking engagements to highlight the company’s technical leadership.

2000-2001: Xapware Technologies, Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO:     

Provider of premium software development professional services.

Senior Software Developer

  • Provided custom software solutions to meet customer specifications
  • Fixed over 50 bugs in the Kylix project for Borland Software Corporation

1999: US Forces Korea, J2 Directorate
Seoul, South Korea:

Combined Command for the defense of the Korean Peninsula

Chief, Naval Analysis Division

  • Responsible for collating and analyzing all intelligence concerning North Korean Naval Activity
  • Supervised and rated one officer and three enlisted personnel
  • Provided daily intelligence briefings to Command Intelligence Officer, a one-star general
  • Provided weekly intelligence summaries to the USFK Commander-in-Chief, a four-star general
  • Provided hourly intelligence updates during two major crises operations
  • Coordinated and worked closely with counterparts in Republic of Korea Navy
  • Coordinated intelligence gathering with major intelligence centers in Pacific theater
  • Provided technical support to command website and network
  • Received Defense Meritorious Service Medal for superior service

1995-1998: USTRANSCOM, Joint Intelligence Center
Scott AFB, IL:  

Joint, centralized command for all military transportation organizations

Mapping, Charting, and Geodesy Officer

  • Responsible for coordinating and managing all mapping requirements, both digital and hard-copy for all major transportation commands
  • Supervised and rated two enlisted personnel

Chief of the Intelligence Watch

  • Coordinated and managed operation of a 24/7 intelligence fusion center
  • Supervised and rated three officers and 13 enlisted personnel
  • Supported weekly briefings to Commander-in-Chief, a four-star general
  • Provided daily intelligence briefings to JIC Commander
  • Provided a written daily intelligence summary to military commands world-wide
  • Managed over 100 computer workstations within command, providing technical support for software and hardware for entire command

1993-1995: Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, CA

Postgraduate School for the US Navy


  • Received Master of Science in Information Technology Management. Curriculum included heavy emphasis in electrical engineering, software engineering, database theory, management, and economics
  • Graduated ‘With Distinction’ (equivalent of summa cum laude)
  • Wrote thesis which developed a theory of a software development methodology based on new RAD development tools. Theory bears a striking resemblance to the Extreme Programming methodology
  • Led campus wide PC Users Group, focusing on bringing in speakers on software development topics

1990-1993: Strike Fighter Squadron 125
Lemoore, CA

FA-18 Training Squadron for the Pacific Fleet.

Intelligence Officer

  • Trained over 300 student naval aviators on topics of surface-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft artillery, nuclear weapons delivery strike planning, and general threat characteristics of Soviet weapons systems
  • Provided weekly briefings to all squadron personnel
  • Frequently planned and flew as navigator in student strike missions
  • By flying the FA-18 simulator, became a qualified Nuclear Delivery Pilot

Security Officer

  • Responsible for the physical security of over 1000 classified items spread over numerous command locations
  • Received highest rating of outstanding on each of two annual inspections of Security Operations

1988-1990: Strike Fighter Squadron 195
Atsugi NAF, Japan:   

Forward-deployed FA-18 Combat Squadron.

Intelligence Officer

  • Responsible for threat training for 25 Naval Aviators conducting fleet operations
  • Provided hourly flight operations briefing in the high-tempo environment of Naval flight operations
  • Debriefed pilots upon completion of mission, writing summaries for consumption by command staff
  • Planned real-world strike missions in support of national command objectives

Security Officer

  • Responsible for the tracking and physical security of over 500 classified documents and items
  • As Cryptological Materials Custodian, provided security, training, and management plans for the security of the highly-classified command cryptological materials

1985-1987: Pasadena Independent School District
Pasadena, TX  

Public School District in Pasadena, Texas

Latin Teacher

  • Responsible for teaching three levels of High School Latin to over 70 students

English Teacher

  • Taught Sophomore English to over 120 students in three classes

Publications and Speaking

  • Kylix 2 Development Guide (Wordware, 2002), ISBN: 1-55622-774-4
  • Speaker at seven Borland Conferences
  • Wrote Web Development chapters for the Delphi Developer Guide series of books by Teixeria and Pacheco
  • Numerous Embarcadero Developer Network articles
  • Columnist for Delphi Informant writing on ASP.NET topics (2003-2004)
  • Three general topic articles published in Delphi Informant
  • Three articles published in The Delphi Magazine (1995-96)
  • Columnist for (2004-2005)

Professional Boards

  • Advisory Board, Borland Conference: 2001, 2002, 2004 -- Worked with conference planners to define content and select speakers.


MS, Information Technology Management, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA 1993 – 1995

  • Masters Thesis entitled “A Visual Development Methodology for the Department of Defense”
  • President of student led Programming And Development Users Group

BA, Classical Languages,Carleton College, Northfield, MN 1980 – 1984

  • Senior Thesis entitled “The Rise and Fall of the Athenian Agora” 
  • Four Varsity Letters in Track and Field 
  • President, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Graduate, Aviation Officer Candidate School, Pensacola, FL Summer 1987

  • Graduated 3 out of 29 graduates (class started with 106 members)
  • Selected as Battalion I Commander
  • Performed untold number of pushups and situps
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